Spring 2019  download timetable here

Tuesday      Brighton & Hove High School

17.1518.15     Grade Ballet

18.1519.15     Grade Ballet

19.1520.15     Senior Ballet G.and above

20.1521.30     Adult Ballet


Wednesday   ACT Hove

16.15- 17.00    Grade Ballet

17.00- 18.00    Grade Ballet

18.00- 19.00    Grade Ballet

19.00- 20.30    Repertoire + Pointe


Friday      OpenSpaceStudios

16.00- 16.45  Jazz 8-12 yrs.

16.45-17.45   Jazz 13- 15 yrs.

17.45- 18.45   Grade Ballet


Friday      ACT Hove

19.3021.00    Advanced Foundation Ballet


Saturday     Brighton & Hove High School

09.15- 09.45    Tiny Tots Ballet (3 -4yrs)

09.45- 10.30     Pre-Primary Ballet (4-5yrs)

10.3011.15     Primary Ballet (5-6yrs)

11.15- 12.15     Grade 1 Ballet


Saturday        OpenSpaceStudios

11.45- 12.30    Primary/Grade Ballet

12.3013.30    Grade Ballet

13.3014.30    Grade 4  Ballet

14.3015.15    Grade Ballet



Fees are paid termly three times a year. 
Invoices are sent out prior to the beginning of each term.
Payment may be by cheque made payable to Brighton & Hove Dance Academy, 
or paid directly into the account online:

Co-operative Bank Sort code: 08-92-99
Account number: 69683154
Reference: Full surname and first initial of the first name of pupil.

Cash must be in a sealed envelope with the name of the student on. 
If change is due it will be given in an envelope at the next class.
Fees must be received by the beginning of the first week of term to guarantee a place in the class. 
A £10 late payment fee applies to fees paid later than the first day of each term, increasing to £20 from the eighth day that fees are overdue.