Brighton & Hove Dance Academy



For the second time this term the High School is holding an open day on a Saturday causing disruption to our classes. I have protested in vain and am told that no other place in the school is available. 

The morning classes, Tiny Tots, Pre-Primary, Primary and Grade 1a will take place at the usual time at Brunswick Primary on Somerhill RoadAs you go down the slope from the road walk to the left hand end of the building and look for the glass door.


With their exam one week later, it is imperative that the Grade 1b group dance their mock exam  in the High School studio so that they can space their dances. We will start as soon as possible, hopefully at the usual time. Grades 3 and 4 will also take place at the High School as usual.


The next round of exams are on Sunday 18th November between 10.00 and 4.30pm.

Parents are invited to watch the mock exams during their normal class time. These are on Friday 9th for the Grade 5s, Saturday 10th for the Grade 1s and Tuesday 13th for the Grade 8s.


Several pupils auditioned successfully for English Youth Ballet's production. We shall be there to support and applaud you at the Saturday evening performance on November 10th!

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