Brighton & Hove Dance Academy


Here we are at Half-Term already. There are no regular classes in the week commencing 12th February.

Exam coaching is as follows:

Tuesday 13/02 Grade 4b: 5.00- 6.30pm High School

                         Grade 5: 6.30-7.30pm Just the girls entered for the Solo Performance Awards

                          Adult Ballet: 7.30- 8.45pm

Wednesday 14/02 Exam coaching as individually arranged. ACT Hove.


Please note that on Saturday 24/02 there is an open day at the High School causing us to move classes for this day only to Brunswick Primary School. We'll be in the Infants Sports Hall at the left hand side of the building as you walk down the slope from Somerhill Road. Enter through the glass door and on the left hand side of the hall is a corridor where the children can leave coats and shoes and where parents can wait. Classes will run at the usual times.

Thank you for your cooperation!