Freya’s first year at school saw her confidence falter and her enthusiasm wane. When I asked her what her favourite part of dance class was today, she replied “I love it all. And Miss Victoria said I was doing really well.” This might not seem much at the time but it made a huge positive impact on her.

Sian C.


The adult ballet class includes structured exercises, fluid choreography and a welcoming atmosphere with some lovely regulars. I have relished the challenge of the intermediate class- it is a mental as well as a physical workout.

Kim R.                                                                                                        


My daughter joined BHDA in Grade 3. I was extremely impressed by the organisation and communication, and she was impressed with the teaching! Miss Victoria is a true professional who cares about each child and wants them to achieve their best. She is very encouraging yet firm, and is always there to correct movements. She explains the correct terminology and offers the pupils a choice of dances and music, so they are not just being told what to do all the time but are invited to input. My daughter was always a good dancer, but she is now a very good dancer, thanks to BHDA.

Emma F.


"My daughter has been attending Ballet classes at Brighton and Hove Dance Academy for over 8 years and has loved every single minute. Her progression from toddler to a beautifully poised budding Ballerina has been wonderful to see and I can't praise Victoria's tuition and the lovely studio highly enough."

Aiden G.


"Victoria is a force of nature. Her positivity is infectious. An immensely dedicated teacher, she also manages to organize outings to dance shows, communicate effectively with parents and create dance shows that include all the children the school teaches. My daughter and I feel very lucky that we have found her after moving to Brighton. We would highly recommend Brighton & Hove Dance Academy to anyone looking for excellent dance classes."

Terri F.


Isabella has been dancing with BHDA for over five years. Victoria is professional, motivating and encouraging and has taught Isabella to have a love of ballet.The discipline and commitment Isabella’s learnt through dance has been invaluable and she has applied these skills to her academic studies.  Whether she pursues a career in dance or it becomes a hobby, BHDA has given Isabella a love and understanding of the art of ballet.We are confident, Isabella is receiving the best training available and she loves coming to the classes.

Jen R.


My daughter danced at BHDA from the age of 4 and carried on to complete her RAD exams up to Grade 7. She learnt so much during this time, not just about ballet, but about performance, determination and working with others. She is now off to study for a BA in Musical Theatre at Guildford School of Acting and found her ballet training was essential during the audition process. Victoria gave her a great start to her career in the performing arts and we will both have very fond memories of our time with BHDA.

Jane T.


It's about more than ballet! My daughter has been attending since she was four, now she is almost eleven. Having always been quite shy, this school has helped her grow and develop in so many ways, in her dancing, her confidence, focus and attention and her courage when it comes to performing in the shows, which is due to the wonderful teachers who are so caring and encouraging while making it fun. Sienna loves to come home and show us what she has learnt each week. Miss Victoria is the most incredible and motivational teacher. I would recommend Brighton & Hove Dance Academy without hesitation for both girls and boys.

Jennifer M.


My daughter has been under the tutelage of Victoria at BHDA since early 2015. She is a keen swimmer and, like many competitive swimmers, has had to dedicate a lot of time to it.  This meant that she was unable to always attend classes and could not take up the additional classes required for exam preparation. Victoria has been unfailingly supportive of this and has allowed my daughter to just carry on coming to dance classes as often as possible and, not only that, has had the trust and faith in my daughter that she would have the capacity to move through the various grades along with her peers. We are so grateful to BHDA for this because it has meant that my daughter’s growth and enjoyment in dance has been able to continue without any pressure or expectation with the net result that she has happily and steadily carried on and finds herself sewing in ribbons and darning her pointe shoes at the age of 13 with no desire to stop. Victoria is also very nurturing with the children and you truly feels she cares about them, their evolution and, most importantly, their joy in their dance. 

Susan C.