Principal: Victoria Arnett LRAD ARAD RAD RTS
Qualified, registered teacher with over 20 years stage and teaching experience 
abroad and in the UK.

Based mainly in the spacious dance studio at Brighton Girls senior School right on 
the borders of Brighton and Hove serving both parts of the city, the school offers 
classes for children from three years up to adults. 

The ethos of the school involves establishing a relaxed atmosphere where students 
can enjoy themselves while being encouraged to work hard to achieve goals.
Importance is attached to letting pupils experience as broad a spectrum of movement 
as possible within each dance discipline. Ballet students therefore have free, 
non-syllabus classes besides their exam work, helping them to become more versatile than purely syllabus trained dancers. 
Prospective students may take a free trial class before joining.
Boys are welcome in all classes. 

Brighton & Hove Dance Academy

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Tel.   0845 6894014
Mob. 07500 724236



Last update, September 2021
Photography: Colette Langton, clphotography